Migration: here for good

In the 21st century international migration is more than ever a key driver of change, across the UK and Europe.

People coming to find work or study, join family or seek asylum: all these kinds of migration reflect powerful factors built into the global system. The numbers migrating may vary with economic, political and environmental conditions world-wide. But people will continue to move across frontiers for the long term.

MigrationWork CIC (Community Interest Company) is a unique resource for those who want to work with this historic process.

MigrationWork CIC – a unique offer

MigrationWork is a consultancy with a difference:

  • We offer an exceptional team of analysts, together offering decades of experience of working with migration to promote integration, helping others to explore the best ways to achieve this goal.
  • We work across the spectrum of migration: with refugees or other migrants, responding to their diversity with a focus always on their human rights.
  • We engage as readily with local community or civil society activists as with elected policy-makers, service practitioners or academic researchers – because our experts themselves have experience in all those roles.
  • We work in the UK and Europe-wide, jointly with our sister organisation MigrationWork-Europe.
  • We work across levels of governance: cities’ response to migration has been a particular focus of our work to date, but we are also glad to help support migrant integration at regional, national and pan-European levels.
  • Our analysis is independent, evidence-based and objective, informed by our practical experience of what works in migrant integration across Europe.
  • As the UK’s only Community Interest Company offering consultancy in this field, we are pledged to ensure that our work benefits all communities engaged in the migration process: the newcomers themselves – and also communities amongst whom they settle.

If you and your organisation also want to ensure maximum benefit from the historic process of migration – for your locality or your country, as well as for migrant newcomers themselves – MigrationWork CIC is here to help.

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