Migration: Here for good

Through the 21st century international migration will be a key driver of change, across the UK and Europe. People coming to find work or study, join family or seek asylum: all these kinds of migration reflect powerful factors built into the global system.

Whatever the short-term impact of economic recession, immigration is likely to stay high for the long term. MigrationWork is a new resource for those who want to work with this historic process.


MigrationWork is unique. We are the only Community Interest Company in the UK that brings together an exceptional group of analysts to help policymakers, practitioners and communities respond to migration, across a range of different areas. Our work is Europe-wide and is independent, evidence-based and draws on our teams’ combined track record of working with migration processes, its policy context and its practical challenges.

Over the years, we have achieved a huge amount for, and on behalf of, our clients and their respective communities. We have gained widespread credibility in the field as an organisation capable of providing robust evidence on the integration of migrants and our experts are regularly called to speak at high-profile events, comment in the media and advise policymakers.

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